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Cloudways offers 300% Faster PHP-FPM integrated in Hosting Stack

( ) - Company offers 300% Faster PHP-FPM integrated in Hosting Stack Making Web Apps Faster While Increasing Overall Reliability. The inclusion of PHP-FPM comes as a replacement of mod_php processor within ThunderStack. When tested in controlled environment using WordPress web app, the new PHP-FPM powered ThunderStack outperformed the previous mod_php-powered version by 300%.
"Many modern PHP apps cannot operate on mod_php. This is why we have replaced it with PHP-FPM. When it comes to comparison between mod_php and PHP-FPM, the latter was found to be more efficient in all areas of performance and stability," commented Pere Hospital, Co-founder and CTO of Cloudways.
PHP-FPM enhances the performance of web servers as it has the ability to handle the PHP code efficiently. With advanced process management, the processes are handled separately. This way a web app continues to perform if any of the processes fails.