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Using Perl for Development

Perl has two acronym " Practical Extraction and Report Language," and "Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister,"
It's a retronym, not an acronym. That is, Larry inventor of the languate came up with the name first, and the expansion later. That's why "Perl" isn't in all caps.

There's no point in arguing which expansion is correct, because both of those are endorsed by Larry Wall, Perl's creator and chief architect, implementor, and maintainer.

In perl programs
is there in the first line. That first line is actually a very special comment. On Unix systems, if the very first two characters on the first line of a text file are "#!", Then what follows is the name of the program that executes the rest of the file. In this case, the program is stored in the file /usr/bin/perl.

Perl sees the value as a string. So you don't need to worry about the difference between numbers and strings, just use the proper operators, and Perl will make it all work.

In Perl, the two terms often used as if they're interchangeable. But, to be accurate, the list is the data, and the array is the variable. You can have a list value that isn't in an array, but every array variable holds a list (although that list may be empty).



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