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Navigation Buttons Using JavaScript

Include JavaScript code from external JS files
Create a new file with the extension .js, for example, myscript.js.
Put your JavaScript code in this file
do not include opening and closing SCRIPT tags in the .js file!
To embed myscript.js into your Web page, use these tags in your HTML file:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="myscript.js">

Create a button as a hyperlink

you can use this code:
<input type=button
value="insert button text here"

To create Back button, use this code

<input type=button value="Back"

Create Forward button using this code
<input type=button value="Forward"

Javascript function(s) can be used to access labels on a web form

The only way to access a specific element on the page that is not an "input" type of element inside a form is to put an id on the element. If when you say label, you mean a tag element you need to bring an id on it.

<label id="label1">Text...</label>
<script language="javascript">
var lbl = document.getElementById("label1");
lbl.innerHTML = 'new text';



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