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VBScript Popup Menu control

The Menu control is quite similar to the Popup Menu control, only closer to the actual structure of a menu bar. Each Menu control remains visible on the screen at all times and looks like a command button.

When the mouse pointer moved over the Menu control, the control's caption takes a three-dimensional look. Besides, an arrow pointing down suggests that the menu leads to a submenu. It is possible to have menus without submenus, which behave similarly to command buttons, but they have the same look as the other Menu controls.

The size of the Popup Menu control on the layout has nothing to do with its actual size when it pops up. The real size of the control depends on the number of choices it contains and broad enough to accommodate them all.
Also, one thing that you should keep in mind is that the current implementation of the control is not invisible. Instead, a white stripe with the size of the control at design time remain visible on the layout.

Once the Popup Menu control has placed on the design, reduce it to a single line to avoid the white stripe on the layout at runtime.

  • The Popup Menu control does not have many properties you can set at design time through the Properties window anyway.

  • The Popup Menu control does not provide a property that would return the actual string of the selected item, just its index.

If you need access to the actual string from within your code, you must store the options in a global array and use the index returned by the Click event to access the values.

The Menu control has an ItemCount property that returns the number of items in control, as well as a Caption property that sets the menu's title. The index of the selected item is reported back to the program from within the control's Click event handler.
This event is triggered when a menu option is selected. Because some menus might not lead to submenus, the Menu control recognizes the Select event, which is triggered only when the user clicks a Menu control without a submenu.



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