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Company Overview Thesslmart

What is SSL
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that your all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral.
Why is SSL used
Any computer between you and the server could see your credit card/debit card numbers, usernames, passwords, and other sensitive information if not encrypted with an SSL certificate. When an SSL certificate issued, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except for the server you are sending the information to, and it’s one of the safest and secure plug-ins you can use for your website and can be tension free.
Which SSL certificate fits for you
Before buying an SSL certificate, you should know which SSL certificate you are going to buy, and the SSL certificate you are going to buy is your need or not. There are total five types of SSL certificates –

  • For your personal website

  • For mail services

  • To secure multiple sub domains

  • For business e-commerce store

  • Code signing SSL

  • Plan and Pricing

You can order your SSL certificate just for 4.95$ per month, and it will start working within 10 minutes after its process. These are very few hosting websites those who give SSL certification for free, but for those who don’t, you can buy it from here. If you buy it for three years then it will cost 4.95$ per month, and if you buy it just for a year then it will cost you 8.95$, so it’s better going for 4.95$ one. This was the price if you want to buy an SSL Certificate for your Wordpress blog, Intranet website & Facebook, Application pages.
If you want to buy for your email server, then the price goes up. You can buy it for three years at 124$. Otherwise, if you want to buy it for a month, they have two plans. One is for 149$ per year and the second one is for 229$ per year the difference is that the second one is mostly purchased by people those who are in business or for their company, so some features differ in them.
The third one, which is mainly used for multiple sub-domains, Costs 108$ per year if we buy it for three years. Otherwise, if we are buying it for a year or two, it will cost us 149$ per year.
Now if you are in a big business or you have your e-commerce store, then you have to buy this one. The Symantec secure SSL certificate,  give you savings up to 20% + free website uptime monitoring, the price will naturally be high as they are providing you with many features as well, you need to pay 359$ for one year, and no 3-year offer is here on this SSL certification.
The last one is the most costly certification! And this one is for coding, named as code signing certification. It costs 474$ per year.
Support: Can’t say that they provide a 24x7 support, as their live chat system mostly seen offline and no contact number mentioned as well.
Cancellation and refund: is having a 30 days money back guarantee on all its plans.
A beautiful and decent place to buy SSL certifications, still there are many other websites from where you can purchase an SSL certification as well. Support is not good enough too. I would give them a score of somewhat 3.9 out of 5.
From the news section: The SSLmart launches HTTPS SSL certificate as low as 4.95$ per year for Facebook apps and personal blogging websites. There are total 4.5 million users who are using SSL certification for their websites, by offering the lowest price the company will go into a huge profit and will also earn significant amounts of customers.
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hosting review, Hosting, web hosting, hosting company, shared hosting

Enhance Your Business by Social Media

Social media plays a significant role, if added to your business websites, it may help you to reach a maximum number of customers and prospects.
A maximum number of people are using social media sites to know about any product or service, their promotions, read customer reviews, for seeking customer service and voicing opinions. Thus, to advertise and market your product or service and overall to lead your business, social media becomes a necessity for your online business.
Even some of the large enterprises have integrated the two and using a combination of Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.
Six ways to integrate social media into your website
Here present you six ways by which social media incorporated into your site in a user-friendly and straightforward manner:

  1. Allow Social Logins to Make It Easier to Connect With You: Now users can reach to you quickly by using their social logins, instead of login set by your company. It is an easy way of connecting with your customers, as to login via twitter or facebook account is quite simple as compared to login via co-site which requires completion of lengthy registration process, results in an increase in the rate of conversion for registration of users.

  2. Let Customers Know What Social Media Sites You're On: The first way is to let your customers know which social networks you are using. Social networks are also using by people for sharing their products or services information or customer reviews. People can easily connect with you via these networks. Now where these social media icons placed, so a good thumb rule says, more your social media icons or buttons are clearly visible, more people will communicate to you. A good place to put “Follow” icons on the header/ footer of your site on its every web page. And most important, asked them to click on an icon, if you said, they are more inclined to it.

  3. Make Content Shareable: If people likes something on your site, especially your content, then they must be able to share it. A good practice is to put social sharing icons or buttons on the right of your item picture and thus allows your customers to share them instantly.

  4. Make Your Web Design Social Media Friendly: Your site design, from code to commerce must be social media friendly. It must be designed in such a way that it can be complemented by social media experience of a user. For instance, implementing Twitter cards on your site is one of a good way to which your site presentation may be controlled on social networks.

  5. Embed YouTube Videos When Appropriate: If you have some good quality videos on Youtube, it may help your organization to rank higher in SEO. So, when people try to search, you comes first which increases a rate of conversion. All I need to say, there is no use of creating a website if social media is not integrated into your website.

  6. Incorporate Facebook Reviews Into Your Website: To increase a rate of conversion on your site, you need to incorporate Facebook reviews into your website.

Testimonials tab is created on Facebook by which customers are asked to share their feedback with us. Companies which have used this, said results are much better than their expectations. Some of them received 100-200 testimonials within two or three months.
The only issue is that some of them are negative comments. But not an issue, it helps a company to improve their customer service which results in more sales and thus more profit.
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Cloud Security Issues

In simple terms, Cloud security emerges as a sub-domain of network security, computer security, and information security. To offer optimal protection to applications, data, and infrastructure of cloud computing, some controls, technologies, and policies are required to be deployed, and cloud security refers the same.
Related to security- issues associated with the cloud
Cloud is used in the form of various service models such as Paas, SaaS, and IaaS and form of different deployment models such as Public, Private, Community, Hybrid by organizations.
The number of security related issues associated with cloud computing mainly divided into two parts.

  • Issues faced by cloud hosting companies in the context of providing services to their clients in the form of platform, software or infrastructure through a cloud.

  • Security issues faced by their customers. Here clients refer to the organizations by whom applications hosted and data stored on a cloud.

Both of above possess responsibility. However, it is a duty of provider to make sure that infrastructure offered is safe and optimal protection provided to applications and data from their customers. With this, their clients also take measures by which their applications fortified, authenticity ensured, and they must use strong passwords.
Business confidential information and data is at high risk as it has a threat of being attacked by those who are inside attackers. The reason behind this that organizations lose their ability to physically access server which is hosting their information. Why organization loose its ability? So, an answer is when a public cloud is chosen by an organization to host applications or to store data on it.
From the report of Cloud Security Alliance, known that attacks which take place inside considered as a cloud computing third biggest threat. Thus, a background of those employees who can physically access server in their data center must be checked by Cloud Service providers thoroughly. With this, monitoring of data centers on a frequent basis is required to check if any suspicious activity is taking place.
Mostly, Cloud Service providers store data of multiple customers on the same server to reduce the cost, to optimally utilize resources and in all to maintain efficiency. And this leads to the access to personal data of one user by other users, more often by competitors. Thus, to control these situations, cloud service providers must make sure that data is properly isolated and logical storage properly segregated.
When implementing cloud infrastructure, virtualization extensively used which brings some different security issues for tenants of a public cloud service as well as for customers. The relationship between hardware, whether it is storage, computing, or networking and Operating system are later by virtualization. Here virtualization comes which should be configured, secured and managed in a proper manner. Specific issues comprise of compromising the virtualization software.
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Truth and Myths of Cloud Server

Cloud Server is a very common term used in a context of web hosting. But some people are confused about several things of this server. Unfortunately, reality or we can say fact is different from what they think or heard.
So, here this article may help you understand cloud server in a more better way by distinguishing between its facts and myths. But before this, see some of the major benefits of a cloud server.
1. Benefits of cloud

  • Flexibility & Scalability: It is quite flexible and scalable. If ensures that if more resources are required, they can be scalable or available in a user-friendly manner by just log in by the users in automated control panel without any downtime. It allows any upgrade instantaneously, and 5GB of RAM can be easily added within just a few minutes.

  • Reliability: A cloud server is much reliable. When there is a hardware failure or lack of resources on a cloud server, resources are allocated to a cloud server on an immediate basis without any requirement of downtime. With this, the loss incurred is also compensated by other servers instantaneously.

  • User-friendly Setup: Cloud server, a virtual machine is quite easy to set up as it takes only a few minutes to provisioned.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: If compared to other servers, a cloud server is quite cheaper. For the same cost of a dedicated server, it offers five times more power of CPU. Resources of CPU allocated to cloud server are more powerful than others.

Truth over Myths
Now see some of the facts and Myths of Cloud server.
Myth: A Cloud is a vogue.
Fact: Cloud is a new term which derives from the word “Cloud Computing”. If we understand the Internet in technical terms, it means cloud. And you all know the Internet is not new for us. Cloud computing is used since late nighties.
Myth: Cloud is unsafe and insecure.
Fact: If cloud providers use low-end cloud computing software, there are possibilities that all the clouds are not secure. As the public cloud is a multi-tenant thus, it shows that it is on the same network like other users. If any abuse is present on a network, it results in making cloud server unsafe and insecure. It all depends on those who are offering their services for hosting your cloud. Thus, safety and security both are enough in the cloud, even in huge cloud hosting environments. Cloud computing becomes more safe and secure because of technology available today.
Myth: A cloud is very complicated.
Fact: Cloud Servers are not much complicated or complex than other servers. It is quite easy to set up a cloud server as it can be provisioned online on control panel within just a few minutes. All will be handled by a portal, and once it is setup, your account information will be received by you.
Myth: To use Cloud hosting, my code will be rewritten by me.
Fact: A platform built by some of the cloud hosting providers is involved, or you can say complicated and to understand the same, a user is required to modify or rewrite the code so that they can function on a cloud in an efficient manner. Cloud is same as a dedicated server which permits you to upload the code and website in a simple and user-friendly manner as you upload them to other hosting services.
I hope after reading this article, your doubts regarding cloud servers are cleared, and some of the facts are known to you.
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Domain name trademark infringement

You wish to set your site so for this first you get a good domain name, and a good web developer built your website, you do some basic SEO leads to display your site in top search engine results, thereby bring more customers and revenue. In all, everything is going very smoothly, and suddenly something happens which you do not expect as you are unaware of the same. A "cease and desist" letter received by you, also known as an "infringement letter."
1. Infringement Letter and Infringement Trademark mean
An infringement letter is a letter which is sent by a lawyer to those who are involved in some 'illegal' activity and to refrain them from doing the same.
Sometimes, not intentionally, a wrong domain name is purchased which may create trouble for you. On the existing trademark, If your domain name infringes, you may loose your entire domain with all your time, money and efforts spent on the building off site in court.
The concept of an Infringement trademark can be understood with the help of an example. Suppose your company manufacture soft drinks. And apparently, you don’t call it “Pepsi.” As Pepsi is a brand which is trademarked and it has potential to sue. It is possible that you order a soft drink at a hotel or restaurant and you receive a drink which is not Pepsi. So, if there is a similar domain name, then you can register the same for your sites domain name.
2. Why does using a trademark in my domain name illegal?
Using a brand in my domain name is considered as illegal as your products and services are misrepresented potentially. If a person accesses your website with this thought that he is accessing the site of a company, by whom trademark is owned in your domain name, he may understand, that he bought products from that company. And this leads to the confusion. It may exist when the trademark is directly built in your domain. However, domain names which are recognized as they belong to some other company may infringe copyright.
3. Avoiding trademark disputes
Domain names which are simple and easy to remember are most likely to be trademark protected. And domain can be also under trademark protection, if itself has been used before.
4. How can I know for certain if a domain name infringes a trademark?
To know this, you have to put some little efforts which result in saving time and frustration which may be faced by you at the end. In countries such as the United Kingdom, users got permission from government site to search terms to know if they are protected. Same as in the United States, there is an office of U.S. Patent and Trademark which offers you the facility of searching. In Europe, a search tool is offered by the European Union to achieve the same goal. However, if you are planning to invest on a large scale in a website, then making payment to professional Intellectual Property lawyers. So they can search for you to establish if you face any issue or problems when you start trading out of your country in which you are living, may prove sage.
5. Come on ­ is this for real?
Maybe some of you don’t believe this. So, I’ll like to share an incident with you all. At the beginning of 2015, one of my knowns was engaged in a trademark dispute which includes a particular academic test conducted for students who are studying in the United States. That person counted sites and figures out a number as 789 along with domain names including that particular word which he thought to be used in his domain name. In fact, he was lucky also as he got a domain which involves country name in which he is currently operating. But a country in which he was living tests representatives registered name contains term and name of his country both. Their trademark was registered by them several years ago which results in Infringement Letter sent to him and giving him the duration of 7 days to prevent him from using website.
6. What if I ignore an 'Infringement Letter'?
If you ignore an Infringement Letter, you will be in great trouble. There is an organization is known as “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, who handle overseeing issues arise in a context of domains. They are having a policy "Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy" which decides the action to be taken in a context of names under dispute. If an owner of a disputed name cannot be traced, ICANN ultimately has the power to convene an arbitration panel and to decide whether domain name will be given to the owner of trademark or not and most of the time it happens.
If Infringement Letter is ignored by you, then you may end up in court, or your domain name will be taken from you.
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Shared Hosting

As we move into the informational era, organization both small and large wants to enhance their brand image, to market their product, services and strengthen their brand image and are shifting to the new media. With the growth of websites we require a platform that provides you the servers in easy and cheap manner. Hosting companies solve all your problems and were focused to grow in their most basic offerings: file storage and security.
Now when we start any business or blogging we have multiple questions, like which type of hosting is better for our business, we even have little income at the start, price is the major reason. It is almost impossible for the consumers to research good providers and to compare between almost 100 to 200 server providers, for which specific purpose we want the server.
"I recommend option for shared hosting because it is basically the first step people take when setting up new websites, bloggers or small business that have just begun to start the reason due to which it is opted because of its cost efficiency and money saving features along with all basic requirement, unlimited resources and very economical."
Not only to the beginners but regardless of the fact it is also equally valuable for users who are a part of hosting from quite a long time. Shared hosting services typically offer basic web statics support, email and web email services, auto script installation. In shared hosting providers are generally responsible for managing servers, installing server software, security updates, technical support and other aspects of service.
With reference to Elizabeth Anderson she share a very simple and better benefits of shared hosting so I would like to share with you also.
As we know that there are pros and cons of every aspect Pros of shared hosting are as follows:-

  • Cost effective: It is very cheap and there is no specific time define to open a share hosting account When your business enhances you can further upgrade it.

  • No management required: It is very simple to access we don’t want any management to manage server you can easily serve by your own.

  • Faster technical support: As we know that shared hosting share with different other websites also so if there is any technical problem occur technicians resolve within no time because it affects other website as well.

  • Multiple email accounts: You can access multiple accounts at your domain.

  • Easy website management: It is very easy to manage website on shared hosting.

Cons are as follows:-
This is not useful for software developers and for large business and when traffic increases it becomes slow sometimes.
Now that we know about shared hosting has provided us with many statistics of the shared hosting companies so it becomes easy for the consumers to choose hosting companies

  • iPage: The cost of webhosting starts from$1.99 and has an uptime of 99.96% and company has hosted 372044 sites.

  • Green geeks: The cost of webhosting starts from $3.96 and has an uptime of 100% and company has hosted 1204 sites.

  • Webhost: The cost of webhosting starts from $2.99 and has an uptime of is 100% and company has hosted 1483sites.

It is very beneficial for young bloggers, startup websites, small business and the most important it is very cheap and affordable.
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Image Hosting

Insight Image
Image is a visual presentation of a thing or wayto express something. An image can be executed captured or stored in electronic form. We  are emotional being. Life brings both good and bad emotions together when we capture emotions it become photograph or when emotions captured in photograph it becomes memories.
Photographs brings to a stop and display those moments that we already lived. They give us chance to live that moments again and show how we change or remain the same. we hook into that particular moment. A photo can inspire some,change view,give ideas to some people,may educate ,may inspire,to act and so on. It also capture the innermost feeling  like fear,anxiety. It brings emotions and create emotions.
Sometimes photographs not affect the personnel life but also effect the others life because sometimes it gives the essence of some tragedy for example flood,earthquake etc. When you recall these pictures it traps you in some emotions. Nowdays social media increased the importance of pictures even more people want to capture each and every moment or feeling and want to share with their friends as well like Facebook nowadays become the most sharing platform for all of us. Sharing of photos is the most usual activity there. Images gives you a medium which is not possible to describe from words like nature you cannot give accurate definition of nature in words but in photographs you capture each moment of nature.
All about image hosting
Image hosting allows individual to upload and update images to internet websites with foolproof security. It stores images onto the server and show the individual different type of code to allow others to view that image.
In fact image hosting websites provide the user an uploaded interface, a form in which uploader specifies the location of an image file. You can also create a digital scrapbook. It offers a placeholder you can also share your photo with other members.
Some internet hosting sites make elaborate, custom websites to display images and media. Some focuses more on photos blobs or photo slideshows.
Features of image hosting company:
First you need to understand the option and features for your image hosting sites so that you can choose the one that exactly suits your demand some of the criteria are:

  • Ease in uploading: Nowadays problem of overcrowding/traffic increases so choose  that company which uploaded your images easily because sometimes file size is very large

  • Disk space: Disk space means the amount of storage need disk space to store images and graphics.Every hosting company provide different space in different plans.

  • Uptime: Uptime means the percentage of time that a hosting server stays or running.

  • Appealing: Plans should be appealing and attractive

  • Ease of use

  • Customer service: This is one of the basic and most important features that one should look for.

  • Multimedia features

Selecting the perfect Image host can be a tough situation. SiteGeek, the Consumer Reports of web hosting industry, has provided us with statistics of the top 3 image hosting companies.

  • Certified hosting: The cost of webhosting starts from $7.95/month and has an uptime of 100%. So far, the company has hosted around 12765 websites.

  • Canadian webhosting: Web hosting costs start from $4.95/month and also has an uptime of 100%. As of now the company has hosted around 8059 websites.

  • Eukhost: Cost for webhosting starts from $3.33/month. The company has an uptime of 100% and the company has hosted around 1224 websites.

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Video Hosting

Internet has prevailed over our lives so much that nowadays we don't need to buy CDs or DVDs to watch movies. Some of us don't even go to the cinema hall to watch them. All we need is an internet connection and a website from which we can download videos. Not only this, videos can also be watched online. Earlier there was only YouTube. Now we have Daily Motion and Eros as well. This has given rise and more importance to video hosting.
Video Hosting: An Overview
Video hosting is a platform that allows an individual to upload and share videos on the internet. The type of content shared can be anything from short clips to full length movies. Be it a comedy or a corporate film, it can all be shared on the internet. There are other hosting services that allow us to upload videos like image hosting service, file hosting services and social networking services.
Features Of Video Hosting
When selecting a web hosting company, look for the following features:

  • Social Sharing: Saw a video on YouTube and liked it? Want your friends to watch it too? Social Sharing is one such feature that will help you out. You can either copy the link and paste it on the social networking site or you can just share it from the website itself.

  • Ad-Free: Many a times when you go to a website and click on the play option the first thing that happens is you are being redirected to another website. And you are unable to get rid of these pesky advertisements. This is another feature of video hosting where you have an option to keep your videos and content free from advertisements.

  • Analytics: If you want to know how many people viewed your videos, this will help you out. You can also find out about who viewed your video and for what duration was it viewed.

  • Fast Loading, starting and seeking: This feature is extremely important keeping the users in mind. Nobody would want to use a website whose videos take too long in loading.

There are three categories that you should consider if you are looking for simple solutions for hosting videos on your website:

  • User Generated Content Sites: YouTube and Vimeo are UGC sites. These sites can be used for free. Their source of income are the advertisements that appear before the video starts, in between and around your videos. You can't control the type of videos that are shown next to yours. There are limits related to the amount of space available, the duration and at times content.

  • Online Video Platforms: OVP sites are not free. They charge you for the content you upload and also don't help you in generating views. But all this comes with an added benefit. You have a lot more control over the content you post. Your video player can be customized to create a brand image. You can also take help from customer service.

  • Hybrid Services: A hybrid service is an upgraded version of a UGC which costs less than an OVP site. For instance Vimeo has two upgraded versions, Vimeo PRO and and Vimeo Plus.

Once you have recorded the video, you can either upload it or you can embed it. Uploading or hosting is posting a video on a site just like how an image has been uploaded. Embedding a video means that the video is first uploaded on a website say YouTube and then a code is generated through which you can share the video on your website. The video will be viewed on your website but the tools will be that of YouTube.
YouTube is a free service which will help you in making your channel and sharing your videos for free. But there are paid hosting companies as well.
Top Two Video Hosting Companies
According to, the top two companies that provide web hosting are:

  • Canadianwebhosting: It has an uptime of 100% and has hosted around 8061 websites. The hosting plans start from $4.95 per month.

  • Arvixe: The company has an uptime of 99.95%. It has hosted 64297 websites and the hosting plans start from $4.00 per month.

The camera phone market has increased the importance of video hosting even more. Videos can be watched from both mobiles and websites. They can also be made private and available only for a particular age group. Making videos has become a profession for many people. There are people who are making vlogs (similar to weblogs, just in the form videos). Musicians are launching their music videos through this medium. Both large scale and small scale businesses are sharing their promotional videos through this medium too. Video hosting is only becoming more and more common among both new and old users of the internet.
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Email id of your domain name

Electronic mail has become the most popular medium of communication in this technological era with the evolution of the internet. Emails have made it easier to communicate with each other. Despite the growth of other developed ways of communication as new media and social media, still, emails are the most widely used standard mode to communicate in any small or large business. Emails are the very important aspect of any company to make relations with consumers, and that is why business email hosting exists to make your emails more professional.

Email hosting is hosting an email account by the client's domain name, and a here client can be a company or an individual For example – An email hosting has the following benefits which would help any business to strengthen their emails:-

  • Increases Professionalism: It is the best feature of an email hosting. Sending a mail by using a professional email id which includes company name is more professional than using the free email hosting site like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo which includes the hosting sites domain name.

  • On-line Persona: It helps in developing brand identity of a company among its users and its public as the email including company's domain name signifies the work of the company.

  • Credibility: Business emails, according to costumers are more trustworthy if sent through a company's professional id instead of sending by an anonymous mail.It is shows that the company is real with real employees and services and not spam. This helps in trust building.

  • Storage space: In email hosting the service provider provide the space for the storage as per the requirement and can be customized.

  • Spam/ Virus filter: The email hosting services come with spam and virus filtering feature because of which clients don't have to bother about the spams and viruses as the provider make sure to keep spam out off customer's mailbox.

  • Marketing of company: It also plays a small role in the marketing of your business as whenever you send an email to any customer it shows up your business's name and stands unique and different to the consumer and memorable too.

Email hosting helps in creating a company's online identity. If you have a domain name and would like to have email hosting service for your domain name, then you have to contact an email hosting service provider sites which provide reliable, secure and cost-effective hosting.
As per top 5 companies for email hosting are:-

  • Fatcow: This hosting site has uptime 100%, the entire hosted sites are 175982 and plans for email hosting starts from $4.99/mo.

  • Ipage: This web hosting site has uptime of 99.97%, and the entire hosted sites are 399976. It's hosting packages start at $4.99/mo.

  • Rackspace: It has 99.67% uptime, and total hosted sites are 274228. The packages for email hosting starts from $50/mo.

  • Godaddy: This site has uptime of 99.92%, total hosted sites are 487872 and the hosting price starts from $4.99/mo.

  • Siteground: This hosting site also has uptime 100%. This web hosting company has hosted 196381 sites, and the hosting plan starts at $3.95/mo.

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Cloud hosting- pay for what you use

An individual or a company which has its website needs web hosting to keep it going. People were using the most popular and secure dedicated hosting to host their sites till cloud hosting came into existence. Cloud hosting is a hosting where services provided to customers via multiple servers. These servers are used together and divided into multiple virtual servers which comprise a cloud. Cloud hosting has its benefits over other types of hosting. Cloud hosting provides the features of a dedicated server hosting on a machine having shared hardware environment.

Benefits of Cloud hosting over other dedicated servers:-

  • Faster services: Nowadays people lack patience and time. Cloud servers come with ready to use features. The client doesn't have to waste its time on configuring it.

  • Reliability: Rather than hosting a site on a physical server, your website is hosted on a virtual server which takes its resource from underlying physical servers network. If any server goes offline, it won't affect the other servers and its data as the data is stored in different virtual servers on the cloud.

  • Performance: All servers are regulated in a cloud server center. There is no competition for resources, and one client cannot run away with the large share of resources. Space and resources are provided according to the need of the customer. Therefore, it is also known as on-demand hosting.

  • Scalability: Virtual private network servers are the option for people who want control over their servers but cannot afford dedicated servers. These servers include root access and guaranteed resources for the client, and technical support is also provided. Cloud Servers provides freedom to its clients to control their server and choose the software you want to install.

  • Affordable (low cost): Where dedicated servers require a high cost to get started with other hand cloud hosting providers offer their clients to pay only for what they use.

If you are looking for the companies which provide cloud hosting, then following are the most popular web hosting sites according to

  • Siteground: It has uptime of 99.99% and has hosted 194740 sites. Its cloud hosting packages start at $60.00/month.

  • A2hosting: This site has 100% uptime, and it has hosted total 63097 sites. The hosting packages start at $15/month.

  • Arvixe: This site has 99.95% uptime. Till now it has hosted 63656 sites, and its hosting plans start at $108/mo.

  • Bluehost: It also has 100% uptime and hosted 1886022 sites till now, and its cloud hosting packages start at $12.49/month.

  • Liquidweb: It has 99.97% uptime, and its hosting packages start at $14.95/month. This site has hosted 66415 websites in its work period.

Hacking is increasing day by day, and cloud hosting provides much more security than the dedicated one. If someone tries to hack your data and files, they won't be successful at a time. As cloud hosting provides different servers for different data storage. By mistake, if you loose any data you will have its backup, and the other information would be safe. A cloud server is very reliable as it comprises of different servers. If one server goes down, other servers will continue hosting. Whereas in dedicated hosting we use only one dedicated server for our entire information and hosting, so if it goes down the website will automatically go down.